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LuminX is high performance #1 Best solar heat reflective cool roof coating. A terrance cooling paint with High SRI value designed for sustainable and cooler building. GRIHA certified High Albedo Paint gor Green Building Certifications.

metal roofs.JPG

Metal Roof

Cool Roof Paint for Metal Roof

Introducing cool roof paint with a high SRI value for metal sheets, Metal Shed Terrace cooling paint for industrial Metal/GI/TIN roofs, metal sheets, GI sheets, Tin Sheets etc.

asbestos roof type.JPG

Asbestos Roof

Cool Roof Coatings for Asbestos Sheet Roofs

Asbestos roof sheet surface tend to absorb dust/dirt over a period of time, resulting into the surface color turns blakish and absorb too much heat from the sun and heats up very fast during hot summers.

rcc roof.JPG

RCC roof

Cool Roof High SRI Paint for Cement RCC Roofs

LuminX is India's #1 Brand in Cooling roof paints with High SRI value it best suitable for cement/RCC roofs - Cool Roof Paint, Roof Cooling Paint, Summer Cool Roof Coatings

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