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About LuminX®

LuminX® High SRI Solar Reflective Cool Roof Coating

LuminX® is PU + Acrylic based cross-linked elastomeric solar reflective cool roof coating. Its innovative advanced nanotechnology-based formulation offers high solar reflectivity and thermal emittance which significantly reduces the roof temperature even in the extreme tropical environments, where roofs get exposed in the hottest weather. LuminX works on the cool roof coating technology principle. Its highest SRI value ensures that it reflects the maximum amount of heat. Its unique formulation forms a strong chemical bond with the surface and offers complete protection with a promise to keep the building cool.

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Key Benefits of Lumin

  • Lower indoor temperature
  • Save electricity bill upto 30%*
  • Enhance thermal comfort
  • Reduce the need for air conditioning
  • Reduce global warming potentials & GHG emissions
  • Reduces the UHI - Urban Heat Island Effects 
  • Increases roof life
  • Save on roof maintenance cost
  • Eco friendly product
  • Cost-effective installation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Energy Savings
  • Eliminates landfill disposal

LuminX® product features

  • High SRI value  - High reflectance and high emittance
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Helps in reduce roof temperature by more than 50%
  • Nano technology based formulation
  • Enhanced solar reflectivity
  • Resistance to dirt pickupSelf cleaning properties
  • Crack bridging properties
  • All weather protection with waterproofing
  • Enhanced micro-fiber reinforced coating
  • Excellent resilience and crack bridging property
  • Long lasting coating with broad temperature flexibility
Product Standards and Certifications:
  • LuminX is tested as per ASTM and EN standard.
  • Building Energy Performance Laboratory CEPT University - Ahmedabad Test for SRI parameters.
  • IGBC - GRIHA certified
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