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LuminX : Solar Reflective roof Coating |Summer Cool roof Paint | Heat Resistance Paint | High SRI |  20kg
20 kg pack of LuminX™® covers around 450-500sqft with double coat, Coverage depends on the roof type(Smooth , Rough)  and its porosity.

LuminX® Solar Heat Reflective Cool roof Coating High SRI cool coating 20kg pack

SKU: LC212220000
₹10,500.00 Regular Price
₹6,999.00Sale Price
  • Product Description:

    LuminX® is a water-based premium elastomeric white Cool roof coating designed to reflect the sun's heat across all the regions from UV to Visible and in the IR region and offers the ultimate protection to almost all types of roofs. Its highest SRI value ensures that it reflects the maximum amount of heat. Its unique formulation forms a strong chemical bond with the surface, which provides permanent water resistance, high durability, and superior capabilities of sealing and protection with a promise to keep the building cool.

    LuminX is suitable for use in all climates. The 100% elastomeric - advanced nanotechnology-based formula makes it especially suited for extreme tropical environments, where roofs get exposed to intense UV rays in the hottest and wettest weather.

    LuminX is suitable for application on concrete, brick, wood, slates, tiles, glass, metals, Asbestos sheets, Bitumenus roof types.

    AREAS OF APPLICATION: - Suitable for Terrace | Balconies & Patios | Water Tanks | Inverted roofs & Parapets | Sheds | Warehouse | Industrial roofs | Airport aprons & Ramp Areas | Bridges & Tunnels | Concrete Foundations | Footings | Roads

    Application Process: - Surface Preparation

    Clean and wash the surface thoroughly to get rid of

    any foreign material from roof surface like cement,

    old paint, sand, dust particles etc.

    • Coating preparation

    Open the LuminX® coating bucket, stir thoroughly.

    Add 20% water by weight of coating and stir it again.

    • How to apply

    Choose a bright sunny day.

    Apply the 1st coat using Roller/Brush/Spray.

    Leave it to dry for 3-4 hours.

    Now apply the second coat in a perpendicular direction to the 1st coat and leave it to dry.

    Your cool coated roof is ready after 6 hours of complete drying.

    Advantages of LuminX: Cool roof coating

    • Minimum surface preparation needed
    • High solar reflectance index (SRI) indicates a high degree of cooling effect
    • Crack-bridging
    • High resistance to chloride penetration
    • Algae and fungi resistant
    • Highly flexible and Vapour permeable
    • Simple and fast application
    • Excellent adhesion to all type of concrete, Ultraviolet rays and weather resistant
    • Reduces the surface temperature of roofs by 50% compared with a dark coloured covering
    • Reduced energy cost
    • Eco friendly