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luminx coolroof high SRI cool paint for roof terrace solar reflective cool coating reduce

LuminX® Solar Heat Reflective Cool Roof Coating

LuminX® is a water-based PU + acrylic cross-linked elastomeric cool roof coating. Its innovative advanced nanotechnology-based formulation offers high solar reflectivity and thermal emittance which significantly reduces the roof temperature where roofs get exposed to intense UV rays in the hottest weather. LuminX works on the cool roof coating technology principle. Its high SRI value ensures that it reflects the maximum amount of solar heat away from roof. Its unique formulation holds well with the surface and offers complete protection with a promise to keep the building cool. 

Lower Indoor Temperature

Reduce indoor temperature,  keeps your home cool. 

Eco Friendly Green Product

Eco friendly green product.

High SRI Coating

High SRI value indicates the greater degree of cooling by a cool roof coating system.