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LuminX is a solar reflective coating, which have ability to reflects maximum amount of UV and infra-red rays. This product has the highest SRI value of 124. Due to this, it prevents the roof from heating up during peak summer season thereby reduces the room temperature.. It is a thermo reflective paint & stops excessive solar heat to enter the roof.  LuminX has the ability to reduce the roof temperature by upto 30%

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Make in India

We are proud to say this cost effective Roof cool coat paint is Manufactured in India.

2 in  1 benefit

This Roof cool coat as Double benefit for Customers Heat Reflection and Water proofing

Quality Product

Customer Reviews

"Initially I was quite doubtful about the product but I thought to give it a shot. I’m from Gurgaon and live on a top floor apartment. After applying this paint - 2 coats, there is significant difference in house temperature. Fan does not throw hot air anymore. I’d certainly recommend this product to all top floor dwellers."


"does a good job...so much cooler inside even with steel roof on top". Good Product!

We have purchased purchased the same luminx for 3rd time. We have used over roof.. temperature has reduced in my house.. Thank you

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